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      董事長致辭 ??President's Speech



      The truth is simple, but the ?crucial issue is to give a full display of your ?knowledge ?in your practice. After a ?decade-long constant development, Guanda has become one of the most prestigious whole-process engineering consulting ?service providers in ?Sichuan Province. Ever since ?its foundation, our company ?strives to create ?the finest buildings for our clients. Today we will continue to follow the principle of honesty, responsibility, objectivity and impartiality, work down-to-earth yet with great ambitions so as to provide services of better quality and complete projects with higher levels.

      Here ?on behalf of Sichuan Guanda Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd., I ?would like to express my earnest gratitude to ?leaders of ?all levels and friends from all walks of life who have been supporting and helping the development of our company. We sincerely welcome friends form all circles to cooperate with us for mutual benefit. Together, we are going to create a better future.

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